Martha has been working in the film and television sector for more years than she cares to remember (or admit). Her big thing is STORY and how best to tell them. These stories have turned into feature films, documentary films, television drama, art films and short films to name a few. Martha has served her time on various boards (Screen Ireland, Irish Film Institute, Screen Producers Ireland) and now spends her time time reading more stories and looking out the window for inspiration. And she has recently taken up yoga!
At least it isn’t cricket!

Adrian McCarthy

Director & Producer

Adrian grew up in the People’s Republic of West Cork and fell into the film and TV business after a couple of years in Ballyfermot College. He worked his way up the ranks in feature films and then took a left turn into documentary making. He has remained there for nearly 20 years. He is co-owner of Wildfire Films and likes making challenging, quirky, passionate stories with people who enjoy their work. He sits on documentary/factual committees with SDGI and SPI. He also started playing cricket this year – some sort of bizarre mid-life crisis!!

Paul Kimmage (Rough Rider documentary) about Adrian:
Adrian was a curiosity. He seemed a bit dopey at first – a basset hound that ambles across, sniffs your leg and doesn’t seem too bothered.’

Rory Lorton

Production Manager

Having originally arrived into Wildfire as a wide-eyed recent college graduate to do two days photocopying in October 2006, Rory has developed into a multi-purpose Production Manager / Time Lapse Cameraman/ Post-Production Supervisor / human Siri equivalent. He works across both documentary and drama projects in TV & film, and has managed to continue a second life working in theatre production at the same time. When not found in Wildfire, can probably be found watching sports, thinking about making that comeback he’s been putting off since he was 14.

Adam Rynne about Rory:
You know what, Rory, you look surprisingly good on camera.’