Stone Pastures

2008, 68 minutes

A feature documentary following a nomadic family living on the Himalayan plateau of Chantang, Ladakh, through the seasons in the context of their livelihood. At the mercy of the elements, the family aspires towards a more comfortable, settled life. Indeed, we find the nomads in a state of transition between ancient namadic ways and modern town life as we're provided with a fascinating glimpse of a way of life that's slowly disappearing.

With The Participation Of

The Channel 4 British Documentary Film Foundation
Bord Scannan na hEireann/ The Irish Film Board
Finnish Film Foundation
YLE Co-productions


Stone Pastures from Wildfire Films.



Photography Timo Peltonen, Johannes Lehmuskallio, Heikki Färm, Donagh Coleman
Composers Linda Buckley, Keith O'Brien
Editor Breege Rowley
Producers Martha O'Neill
Jouko Aaltonen, Illume Oy
Beverley Cook, Orchid Pictures
Director Donagh Coleman

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