A Missing Generation - AIDS in Africa

2006, 52 minutes

We spend time with people in Eastern Africa whose lives have been taken over by HIV and AIDS. Hundreds of thousands of people from these regions have died - they call them the missing generation, including many of the nation's teachers, nurses and doctors - parents gone leaving behind vast numbers of orphans. But within this bleakness there is hope.


A powerful documentary...which howled for our attention. With a documentaries like this telling us how it is, none of us can claim we weren't told what was happening.

Irish Times. 2 Dec 2006.


Best Television Programme, Radharc Awards 2009


A Missing Generation-AIDS in Africa from Wildfire Films.



Camera Richard Kendrick
Sound Mick Cassidy
Executive Producer Martha O'Neill
Editor Brenda Morrissey
Producer/Director Adrian McCarthy

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