Small, Far Away - The World Of Father Ted

2011, 48 minutes

On the 15th anniversary of its launch, this documentary follows Father Ted creators Graham Linehan and Arthur Mathews as they return to Craggy Island on a road trip across Ireland, taking them back to some of the key filming locations from the series.

Father Ted captured a specific Irish humour rarely seen on screen and its impact doesn't seem to have faded. The show is revealed as a product of a pair of ambitious writers, a brilliant cast and the gently confident producer Geoffrey Perkins, whose suggestion of turning a one-off mock documentary into a sitcom helped make it the much-loved show it is today.

Ardal O'Hanlon, Frank Kelly, Graham Norton and many others pitch in with their reminiscences of the show, the passion it inspired and their memories of the late, great Dermot Morgan.

Production Services provided by Wildfire Films for Hat Trick Productions/Channel 4


It establishes Father Ted as a unique show - big hearted, yet sneakily subversive, traditional yet surreal, unworldly yet brilliantly pop culture-savvy. Watching O'Hanlon, Kelly and Norton is great fun, yet the film has a melancholy edge too, with the absence of Dermot Morgan clearly still keenly felt by all involved. Lovely Stuff.
TIME OUT (London). Four stars

An Excellent documentary
Sunday Business Post


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Editor Brenda Morrissey
Camera Richard Kendrick
Executive Producer Jimmy Mulville
Producer/Director Adrian McCarthy

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Small, Far AwayThursday, April 21, 2011