Dead Silence

2001, 52 minutes

In 2001 BSE (Mad Cow Disease) had been making headlines all over Europe.  Politicians forced to resign while consumers feared the worst.  One story has remained untold - the devastating effect this can have on a farming family.This human-interest documentary is driven by the emotions, which two Irish farming families go through after discovering one of their animals has contracted the dreaded disease  Once one sick cow tests positive it begins a traumatic chain of events


'Beautifully shot and with dignified tales of suffering the, the documentaries sentimentality is in stark contrast with the sterility of the Orwellian department officials in their grey plastic suits and their function to serve the interests of the nation rather than the individual'
Sunday Times


WINNER, Best European Documentary at Grand Prix Circom Regional

WINNER, Best Feature, Irish National Media Awards


Dead Silence clip from Wildfire Films on Vimeo.



Executive Producer Martha O'Neill
Editor Brenda Morrissey
Producer Teresa McGrane
Producer/Director Adrian McCarthy

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Dead SilenceThursday, April 21, 2011