Consuming Passions Series 1

2007, 8 x 25 minutes

This highly popular summer series covered various pastimes that are more than just hobbies - they're consuming passions!  From pigeon fanciers to cat lovers to bee keepers, this series provided a touching portrayal of those who have been totally consumed by their chosen pastime.

Further details on the individual episodes can be found here

Consuming Passions is an eight part series produced by Wildfire Films for RTÉ.


Cool For Cats clip from Wildfire Films on Vimeo.



Executive Producers

Martha O'Neill
Adrian McCarthy


Sarah Armstrong
Mick Mahon

Series Producer

Niamh Maher


Gerry Hoban
Liz Gill
Jennifer Keegan
Adrian McCarthy
Oda O'Carroll
Ciaran Tanham

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