Communion Kids

2004, 25 minutes

This film spends time with Adam and Lorna, two 8 year olds from Dublin's inner city as they prepare for what Adam calls "the day they receive Jesus" - their holy communion day. An entertaining and insightful glimpse into the lives of these two little people.  We are with them at home, in school and a variety of colourful locations as they prepare for the big day, capturing their unique and sometimes hilarious mindsets.


A thoroughly enchanting film from the always pitch-perfect director Adrian McCarthy and Wildfire Films. 
Irish Times, 3 July 2004.

A genuine insight into an overlooked facet of Irish life.
Liam Fay, Sunday Times.


Communion Kids from Wildfire Films.



 Editor Brenda Morrissey
 Producers Adrian McCarthy
Martha O'Neill
 Director Adrian McCarthy

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