Living Colour

2011, 82 minutes

Living Colour is a film about an abstract watercolour painter who takes three and a half minutes to climb into a van, a chatterbox stone carver with the shakes, a woman who colours her dreams, a precision ink-drawer who stares into fires, a diminutive sage who makes politically satirical animations and the motley collective of other artists with special needs with whom they share a studio. It is a charming, moving and hilarious reflection on the deeply human need to make art.

This 82-minute observational documentary film explores the world of an unusual artists' collective in Callan, Co. Kilkenny, a studio which focuses on the artists' abilities instead of their special needs. As it takes us farther into their unique world, this extraordinary film builds into an often hilarious and intimate portrayal of a medley of charming and vibrant characters. Living Colour is a rich and rewarding cinema experience and is, in itself, a celebration of what it is to be human.

A Wildfire Films Production in association with RTÉ, the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland and Bord Scannán na hÉireann/The Irish Film Board


Living Colour is a wonderful documentary …The film’s gentle, meditative pace catches the mood of much of the art and the artists involved in the film and its moments of humour, insight and joy come together to define this uplifting and enlightening piece of cinema and its extraordinary tale people communicating through art.


Living Colour from Wildfire Films on Vimeo.



Editor Tadhg O'Sullivan
Producers Adrian McCarthy
Martha O'Neill
Director Éamon Little


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