Blowing the Whistle

2000, 52 minutes

This film looks at the trials and tribulation of two top Gaelic Football referees as they proceed through the All-Ireland championship season. Gaelic football is the largest and most passionate sport in Ireland. Passionate and entertaining throughout we also spend time with these mens' wives who struggle to deal with the constant abuse their husbands receive.


'You could smell the blood, sweat and tears in this highly crafted and often very funny portrait of men under pressure. Great stuff'
'A revealing, beautifully made look behind the scenes at being a top GAA referee'

Irish Times

'This programme is a compelling study of humour and honesty but above all humanity'
Irish Independent


Blowing The Whistle Clip from Wildfire Films on Vimeo.



Camera Richard Kendrick
Sound Dave Fannin
Executive Producers Teresa McGrane
Martha O'Neill
Editor Stephen Vickers
Producer/Director Adrian McCarthy